Thursday, February 3, 2011

She's Four.

And she's amazing.

We decided to wait on a "big birthday" until later (summer-ish), but we did made a cake. Well, we made two cakes. While we do quite a bit of baking 'round these parts, I don't use a lot of boxed cake mixes... And I unfortunately didn't realize that it should be made in a large, rectangle pan and not a small, round pan... So mild disaster. But a second boxed cake mix made things all better. AND we got to snack on the crumbled mountainous mess of the first. I mixed food dyes in attempt to make her vanilla icing purple, but it ended up being lavender and she really wanted to put all ten of the sparkly glitter-enhanced candles on her cake.. So, yeah.

She also requested "a big bowl" of egg drop on her birthday. So we went to one of my favorite restaurants that just so happened to be almost directing across the street (a block down) from where I pushed her into the world four years ago today.. And she ate sooooo much (including a second round of fried noodles). Then the waitress brought us some awesome cookie-dough and fried bananas and we totally almost finished. So yummy.

So, yeah. All's well that ends well. Here's to another one!

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