Monday, July 25, 2011

Hours move faster before the sun comes up...

or slower... depending on whether you have- like me- given up on sleep.

Every few hours I was awoken by a buzzing... I swatted at the dark air surrounding my head- pulled the covers up close over my sleeping four-year-old- hoping to save her from a restless, itchy sleep.. At more than one point, I had even convinced myself that it was all in my head. That the buzzing was perhaps my subconscious torturing me for some unknown crime..

But no. Once I submitted to the fact that I would just no longer be sleeping and got up the buzzing continued only now it had a face and a body. a little ugly mosquito face and a little ugly plump mosquito body. (I can only assume a plump one because the bastard NEVER LANDS.) And once I find it, blood will be shed OH how the blood will be shed. I'll probably even leave it's little bloody corpse pasted to the wall with all of it's other evil little mosquito friends who have deprived me of sleep in the past... ohhhhh there's that buzzing again..

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